Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gun Control Takes a hit

So no new Assault Weapons ban. . . for now

This is a win no doubt, but we are dealing with Democrats and take it from a Mass resident, they lie and cheat and will do anything to sneak this into another bill if they can.

We need to keep fighting and make sure they understand that it is not just the AWB that has no support, but gun control itself is dead.  NO DEALS, NO NEW LAWS.

The American people know guns are not the problem, we know it is our right to own and carry (Bear arms)

We have cleaned out the gun store not to turn them into the Government, but to make sure we can force the government to follow the Constitution, and replace it if needed.  That is our right as a free people.

This is only the first step.  We need to stop any new laws, then work on getting rid of the old ones.  If you have a clean record that is it, you can buy any gun, and carry it.   That is what our Constitution says and that is what it means.

Stay strong folks, we won this round but we need to keep fighting both at the federal and state level to stay free!

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