Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea Party BIG Success in DC

The more I read the more I notice that the blogger pictures of the event show a HUGE crowed there but the news folks won't tell us how many showed up. I am sure the DC cops know so why wont they tell us???

Could it be they realize that the Conservative movement is stronger than they thought?
Could it be they can see that Obama and the Dems have already lost but don't want us to know?

I hope and pray it is a third option. . . . and that is that the liberals had the 60's and have been messing up this country ever since. I hope it is now our turn to fix the country and all the damage they have done. Maybe this is the start of the rebirth of a true conservative and Constitutional movement.

The folks in DC are you and me, they are common folks that have had enough of letting the politically correct and the liberals use big government to take their money and sell out their country to the illegals and the UN.

Can you imagine where we could go with patriots running things according to the Constitution? We could make this country great again! We could pay off our debt and stop taking our orders from the UN and our enemies. This has the potential to become a great movement.

The hippies had their chance to do us in and failed. Here's to getting things back on the right track and fixed. We will again be the great country our founders wanted. It will be a lot of work, but with a grass roots movement like this we are well on our way!

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