Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trolls and Stalkers

Been a long week

I have a Facebook account and I have been dealing with a troll all week. It started when I answered a question about the Free Masons on the Free Mason page and that seemed to tick this nut off.

He started with threats against me, threats to rape my son, and kill me. He then moved on to copying my profile picture and making all sorts of comments about being a pedophile and then accusing me of being one. He even went so far as to make up a dummy account in my name to post crap on the Mason page on. . . .

I reported each of his comments and it took all week for FB to get to it but it looks like he is now gone. I am hoping that they have booted him permanently but we will see. When it looked like things were not going anywhere I even contacted my local police to see what to do. They want copies of his comments (which I have saved just in case) so I will give them all that info on Monday.

Who knows these days. . .. this nut could live half way around the world or just down the street, no way to know. Now I need to make sure things are documented so if he does live near me and tries something I have the law on my side.

Watch your backs out there folks, we have some real sick folks out on the intertubes this week. . . . .

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