Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Bomber

Now that we have had some time to see what is going on with the Bomber from the Christmas attack lets take a look at what we have. . . .

1 - a President and Head of Homeland Security that don't have a clue

2 - Day one of the attack, we are told the system worked. . . .. Really? When the guy's own father called us to report him and he still got a bomb and got onto a plane and would have successfully blown it up if he was not an IDIOT and the system WORKED???? Talk about lack of connection to reality. . . .

3 - a day or so later Obama is saying things went wrong and Homeboy Security is saying things did not work and we have a problem with the system. . . . What a change in stance on that one. I bet folks got whiplash from it. . . .

4 - a few more days an Homeboy Security is now silent and Obama is saying things are really messed up and the way the system was set up is wrong (otherwise known as " this is Bushes Fault" but I can't say that).

Now he wants a full investigation of things and what went wrong. . .

Tell you what Obama, that is an easy one. You have been spending your first year in office weakening our country.

You have put Navy Seals up on charges for roughing up a terrorist.
You have traveled the world saying it is all our fault and apologizing for us
You have bowed to foreign leaders
You have taken months to decide if we need to send more troops to the war zones when the commanders on the ground need them
You have ignored the troops on the ground under fire and their commanders
You have shown weakness and inability to make the hard call at every turn

That is the problem Obama, you, You are the problem. I can't wait to vote you out in 2012.


Now they admit Al Qaeda was involved in the attack and the Yemen embassy has been closed. Obama is now calling Terrorism a threat. . . .. WOW he finally is waking up. I still don't think he gets it though.

What a fool. . . .

And our head of Homeland Security will not be held accountable for this mess. . . news is her job is safe.  Why not?  Hate to have to put someone competent in there. . .

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