Friday, January 15, 2010

Great News! Now go and VOTE on Tuesday

Brown is actually ahead in the polls, and a legit one too!  The poll info -

The poll, conducted Monday through Wednesday, surveyed 500 registered likely voters who knew the date of Tuesday’s election. It shows Brown leading all regions of the state except Suffolk County. 

You can read the whole article HERE   Now the lead is abouit 4 points which is in the margin of error but this is BIG folks! (Thanks to Bruce at No Looking Backwards for the tip)

Anyway now the question is will the Brown camp keep up the momentum, what will Coakly do to try to win it back, and will the state play games with the election so that Brown is delayed getting to DC for the vote.  The state had threatened to delay the certification of the vote so that their Dem lap dog can vote on the health care crap instead of Brown.

I think this will be HUGE in what it says about November.  It also shows that one of the Bluest states around is losing faith in the liberal god Obama.  We are currently showing about 51% of the folks here don't want the government health care.  Keep in mind this is one of the only if not the only state to have a similar plan.  We have the plan now and we don't want it. . . . that should tell the rest of the country something but DC won't listen.  61% realize we can't afford to pay for it - again a painful lesson learned from doing it here in MA. . .

This poll also shows that Martha and her negative ads don't seem to be working.  The poll is from Mon to Wen of this week. . . She has been pushing negative adds over that time frame, and she was the first one to go negative.  I wonder if Obama will come in and try to save her. . . It hasn't worked yet for the folks he backed. . . I think it may hurt more than help to be tied to Obama but we will see.  Time is running out and she is desperate.  She acts like she is owed this seat and us voters are getting in the way. . . The thugs are out pounding on reporters, the unions are paying folks to go hold signs, the ads are getting ugly.  She is running scared.  Hell, even comments on articles in the Boston Globe are against her. . .

I think folks are sick of more same as usual BS from DC when they voted for change.  They didn't get it and they know it.  They can also see the massive power grab for DC that most of the bail out and health care will provide.  It is not about us any more, it is about power in DC and control of us.  Folks are sick of it.

I for one hope this is the start of the end of the liberal hippie movement.  They have run this country into the dirt with their lies and BS.  It is time we went back to a real two party system!


I wonder what Martha will do if she goes down in history as the one that lost the "Kennedy" seat back to the people of Massachusetts . . . Maybe we can get rid of her as AG too.  Then she can go learn how to spell Massachusetts. . . .

This is history folks, be part of it!

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