Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sen Dianne Feinstine shows the true Dem plan

Folks the Dems have no wish to unite this country.  If they did then we would not be reading about Sen Dianne Feinstein pushing for a new Assault Weapon Ban.  Gun control is a very hot topic that will further drive a wedge through this country. . . she don't care folks. .. .

Instead of doing what they were elected to - FIX THE ECONOMY and our country she is going after our basic rights.


It has been shown time and again that not only is this a loser as a political move, but the more gun laws you have the more crime you have. . . Gun control does not work and it is proven.

Gun control is the land of dictators who need unarmed people to rule. . . it is not the way of a free people.

So what is she doing?  Why take away our rights and spit on our Constitution?  What do you have planned that you are afraid of your own fellow law abiding citizens?

Why do you want to disarm us?
Why do you want to leave women helpless and defenseless?
Why do you want to ban the most popular guns in the country for sporting and hunting?
Why do you continue to lie about what an assault rifle is?
Why do you continue to try to outlaw things you clearly don't understand like magazine and grips?

You don't do this if you are clean, you do this when you have plans that need us defenseless and unable to stop you.

You do this when you want to usurp the rights and Constitution of this country and don't want us citizens to be able to stop you. . . . .

Thank GOD the House is still held by the GOP and the Senate is still majority pro civil rights.

We need to watch everything they do, and here is the proof. . . .  they are not working in our best interest already and it has not even been a week since the election.

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