Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remeber Tuesday to vote in MA!

Folks remember the primaires on Tuesday and get out and VOTE

Millbury lawyer to run against Coakley

Attorney General Martha Coakley may have a Republican opponent after all. Ms. Coakley, a Democrat, has been running unopposed because the state Republican Party did not nominate anyone to challenge her in November even though she was seen as vulnerable because of her dramatic loss to U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in the January special election.

But now Millbury lawyer James P. McKenna, 49, a longtime Central Massachusetts GOP activist, says he will mount a serious write-in campaign for the Sept. 14 primary to try to get on the Nov. 9 general election ballot.

Mr. McKenna will need 10,000 write-in votes to make the ballot. He said he plans to buy stickers with his name on them so voters can affix them to ballots in the primary.

So folks we need to get out the vote, pass this on to whomever you can so we can make this work. We need to get rid of Martha, then we can work on getting rid of the approved gun roster and all that BS.

GO McKenna!

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SpeakerTweaker said...

MA doesn't check ID at the voting booth. Maybe we should load up a bus from TX.