Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Bombers and Obama looking bad

So as more and more facts come out it is starting to look like the Fed blew it on this one.

Russia had warned us TWICE on the older brother.  He was even denied citizenship due to a criminal attack on someone back in Russia.  They FBI met and investigated the older one and let him stay. . . an now there idea of immigration reform is to let millions of ILLEGALS stay in the country?  If these two got through the system legally how many terrorists got in illegally that they will now want us to let stay??? NO!

We are also learning that despite all those lovely MA gun laws that are supposed to protect us these two did not have any permits yet still got guns and explosives in MA with no problems as we saw on Friday.  Without permits they still had a hell of a day throwing more bombs at police, and a few good shoot outs too.

So what does the .gov do?  Well the first moron has already called for more background checks on folks buying gunpowder.  . . . . yep.  We don't even know what they used for explosives yet he wants to go after law abiding folks again when we have shown these laws won't work.

On the up side it does look like the surviving bomber who is a citizen will get his rights.  This is critical as if they can take his rights it would not be long before anyone Obama did not like would be a threat and an enemy combatant.  I could quickly see returning vets and TEA party folks losing their rights very soon.  He has already listed them as "radicals" for upholding our Constitution and expecting him to live by it.

I am watching to see what they will do in MA.  So far nothing has come up but I am sure they will try to use this to push their laws through.

It is time to push back folks.  Time to remind them that all this gun control has done nothing but put the people of this state at risk.

While the town was shut down for a day with an army of cops running around all most folks in that area could do is lock the door and hid hoping nothing happened.  Few if any had access to a gun to protect themselves or their kids from this terrorist who had already shown he had no problem shooting folks.

That is unacceptable!

This event has shown that gun control does not work!

It is time to repeal these foolish laws that put us all at risk.  The government can not protect you and didn't in Boston.  The critical finds were by every day folks that called them in.  All these cops looking for this terrorists and a homeowner who noticed him called it in.  This shows how ineffective the government is compared to citizens just being aware and taking action on their own to keep folks safe.  It is up to us.

There are more of these folks out there.  They did not work alone.  The question is how  many cells, where are they and what are their plans.  We need to insure every citizen has the right to access a gun if they want and can protect not only themselves but all of us going forward.

I look forward to more news on what was going on in Canada.  Was that attack part of this also?  Do they have more planned spread out around the country?  Time to wake up folks.

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