Friday, April 19, 2013

More on Boston

OK, sounds like three folks arrested in Kendal Sqr. and a device blown up by the bomb squad there.

One bomber dead and one on the loose

One cop dead and one injured badly in the chase.  they may have been shooting and using IEDs on the cops chasing them

MBTA/Mass transit shut down and much of Boston and surrounding towns in a lock down at this point.  Folks being told to shelter at home.

Bombers are Russian from the Chechnya area.  Sounds like there is a cell, not just the two bombers and they are trying to find the one remaining bomber.

For you progressives out there . . . sit down and shut up.  Time for the grown ups to fix this mess and no, I will not hear any more BS about gun control.  You will not put my family at risk due to your overactive fear issues. . . .

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