Friday, April 19, 2013

Terrorist is pinned down now in Boston

The news is reporting that the 19 yr old is pinned down in a winterized boat in a back yard.  They can't see him but know where he is from heat imaging.  They are claiming he has an automatic weapon (illegal in MA). Guess all those great mass gun laws did us no good.  Listening to the recording of the shooting I would bet it was a semi-auto he just pulled the trigger fast since you could hear a break between each shot.

They have had Boston locked down all day.  Folks stuck in their homes told to hide behind their locked doors and pray since most of these towns won't let you have a gun permit.  All these sheep set up as defenseless by the state and you can now see this nut had all day to roam around and do what he wanted.  We are lucky he has not killed again YET.

The news is doing their normal disservice trying to hype what gun he has and how it will shoot through walls so you need to hide/get out of the area. . . disgusting how they panic and pass on bad info.

They have him surrounded, he is not getting out of this one with out a lot of luck.  Lets hope they take him alive so we can find out who else helped him.  I don't think they were alone in all of this.

I am also interested in seeing how they will spin this to make it all the fault of gun owners so they can try to push through more gun control even though this event shows us how much of a failure gun control is and how much danger they put the people of Boston in by disarming them and putting them at the mercy of a terrorist.

Update -

They got him alive.  As of this morning he is in custody with no maranda rights and in the hospital.  The News wants to know when he goes on trial. . . I want to know when they question him to find out who else is in on this. . . and I am scared they can strip his rights as a citizen so easy and no one says a thing. . . .

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