Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Mall Shooting - this time in New Jersey

So here we go again. . . . and what have we learned?

Looks like we had another shooting in a mall, this time in New Jersey.  Now some basic facts –
·         No one hurt
·         Shooter killed self
·         NJ is a very strict gun control state

Looks like this was more of a case of someone wanting to go out big and let everyone know about it.

It also happened in NJ which is another important fact. 


Because New Jersey just like California and the LAX shooting is a state with VERY tight gun control.  Yet the individual with the mental problem still got a gun and still did what he wanted.

Folks it is time we wake up from the lie we are being sold.  Gun control has failed yet again and put many lives at risk.  We got lucky this time and the shooter did not hurt anyone.  Not because he couldn’t but it seems he was seen shooting in the air and then went to an area under construction and killed himself.  We will see as more facts come out.

But the basic facts of these shootings remains.  Both were in states with very heavy gun restrictions.  Heck in CA you can’t even have removable magazines on a rifle like the one used in the attack.  If gun control really worked like they tell you neither of these shooting should have taken place.

Instead we have one dead at LAX and we got lucky in NJ.  Gun control meant no one there could defend themselves.  Gun control meant they had to wait until the cops arrived and the gunman had free reign until then.  Gun control put many lives at risk.

We need to start a serious talk about ending this foolishness.  End gun control and let’s put our energy where it will do some good and look at how we deal with mental health in this country.

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