Friday, November 22, 2013

Senate goes Nuclear

So the Senate under the Democrats went Nuclear yesterday. . .

Folks this is a bad idea for us all for a few reasons, the biggest being that we will end up with a much more polarized court system out of this which will end up with bad rulings and a lot of variation from area to area.

This is also an act of desperation on the part of the Democrats.  They need a win after the absolute failure of Obamacare and the crashing poll numbers so they figure a few easy judge appointments will be good.  Pathetic yes, but wins all the same.

What the Democrats did yesterday is also the SAME THING they all screamed and raved against the GOP doing five years back or so. . . . somehow it was a bad thing when the GOP wanted to do it but it is a good thing now that they want it.

This will be interesting in a few years when the parties change up in DC.  I can't wait to hear how they need to change back to the old way once the GOP is ramming through it's picks for the bench over the howls of the Democrats.

Once again the folks in DC have shown themselves to be unable to see past the next election, or even the next few days.  They don't seem to think about how this law will effect the country or even themselves when they are not the majority any more.  The one constant in DC is the party in power will change. . .  so whatever laws you pass will help them when it is their turn to run things. . . Look at the Patriot Act and you will see.  A bad law when passed by the GOP that the Dems are now running with and destroying our rights at an alarming rate while the GOP whines about it.  Hey GOP you gave them the hammer, stop acting surprised when you get hit with it.

So thanks to this bull shit change of the rules what we will see now is a move towards super liberal or super conservative judges on the Federal bench.  They have wiped out the one rule that forced both sides to pick somewhat moderate judges that the other side could vote for too.

This is going to mean that we will end up with a lot more radical rulings.  And since these only affect the district they are made in we will end up with big differences in the interpretation of the laws based on the districts you live in. . . . and this means more bad laws making it through the courts and ending up at the Supreme Court. . . . which is overloaded now as it is.  This is a VERY bad idea all around.

This is yet another reason we need to vote out the fools in DC and start putting in folks that actually follow our laws and our Constitution.  Obama and crew are doing more damage than any recent White House that I can think of.  And the GOP can do the same thing next time around now that Obama has set the precedent.  We the People need to put a stop to this insanity.  We need a big win by the TEA folks in 2014 or anyone else that is a Constitutionalist.  It is time for the folks it DC to learn that they work for us, we don't work for them and this partisan crap has got to stop for the good of the country.

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Sailorcurt said...

The really ironic thing is that back when the Republicans were threatening the "Nuclear Option" and the dems were screaming bloody murder, the Republicans actually, you know, negotiated with them and reached a compromise.

Remember the "Gang of 14?

Now, the tables have turned and the dems have the majority, they didn't just threaten to do it, they did it, without even a hint of trying to work things out by giving something up to get something.

But it's the Republicans who refuse to negotiate and are obstructionist right? Just ask the media, they'll tell you so.