Monday, August 5, 2019

Mass Shootings

So once again gun-free zones have been shown to not be so gun-free as the nut case shoots up the place and kills folks who have no way to fight back. . .

When will we learn???

And before you go tell me how dangerous the USA is please go read this article that shows we ARE NOT the leader for mass shootings.

And before you tell me another law or restriction on our rights is going to fix this please answer the following:

  • What was the outcome when we banned alcohol use/drinking in the USA?
  • How are current laws banning drug use working?
Ya. . . not so good eh?

And let's look at the fact that murder is as illegal as we can make it. . . has that stopped any of these people?

And if you think banning guns is the answer please tell me how you would do it without getting folks killed or starting a civil war?  

And if guns are the problem then what about the mass killings in Asia that use gas, knives, or arson since they don't have gun access?  Do we just ignore those inconvenient facts that the problem is the person, not the tool?

Yes, we have a problem, and so does the rest of the world with mass attacks now.  And personally, I think it ties back to being too easy on crime, and too politically correct to deal with mental illness because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  

But the gun is NOT the problem, and disarming law-abiding folks will only encourage more attacks of all different kinds.  And dead is dead folks.

Wake up!  Gun control has nothing to do with keeping us safe, it is about controlling us.

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