Sunday, April 5, 2015

Talking Heads

It is disgusting to see the morning talking heads. . .

I could only take a few moments of it as they continue to fawn all over Hillary and push how she is right and ready to be President.

I really don't get how anyone can look at the mess we are in, the damage and division done by Obama and honestly say they want 4 more years of this crap. . . .

Hillary has already broken the law in so may ways, most recently by wiping a server she knew the government investigation wanted to see as evidence.  She should be in jail not running for POTUS.

If we don't wake up our country will be damaged to the point I don't think we will be able to fix it.  Our kids already are looking at a life not as good as ours. . . what would our grand kids have to look forward to?

Dear idiot liberals, turning the USA into a third world country is not a good thing to do, stop drinking the kool aid and wake up.  Look around. . . .

Thanks to Obama and liberal law makers our border are open, unemployment is at record highs when you look at the real numbers and more folks than ever have given up and dropped out of the work force.  Our standing in the world SUCKS as our friends don't trust us and our enemies are laughing at us.  Obama and his gang turn everything into a race issue to divide our great country and have pushed back race relations by years.  Black unemployment is outrageous.  The welfare crowd is being trapped on government funds so the will vote for him instead of being helped to get off welfare and actually move ahead in the world.

And in this perfect storm the GOP is doing their best to lose again with fools like Chris Christie being put out there as real candidates.  Are you kidding me?  Christie is a liberal and no friend to small government or our rights.  You will find many independent conservatives such as myself will vote third party costing you the election before voting for him.

I have been told that if I vote third party I vote for Hillary. . . . but the way I see it if I vote in Christie I am voting in the same thing as Hillary, just with an R instead of a D at the end of her name and the same damage will be done.  Wake up GOP and give me a real candidate if you want me to vote for you.  I know what a conservative is so stop giving us RINOS and telling us they are conservatives.  We are not stupid and can see that the GOP and DEMs are not that different as it now stands.  Show me you really are different.

Maybe it really is time for a good strong third party with a real Constitutionalist as the candidate.  I think they could really win things.  Maybe it is time for the GOP to become the third rate party no one cares about.  Maybe the GOP should just admit they have become the Democrat lite party and join the Democrats. . . . and let us have a real choice as to who to vote for.

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