Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where the next World War starts

Now ISIS is in Libya. . .

And pushing Jihad . . . then invasion of Europe and the US

Folks we have hit that point where if you are an honest person and know your history you can see we have been here before. . . ..

It is time to stop the appeasement of the radical Muslims in the world wherever they are.  We have crossed the line where they are no longer a mixed bunch.  With what ISIS has done I think we have hit the point where if you are not actively fighting them then you are supporting them.

Time to end this. . . .

Folks we need to look at a few things.

1 - our borders.  No more open borders and no more letting them in.  We are a secular country of laws, you can practice any religion but when you start to push for religious laws of any kind including Sharia law it is time to say NO - you want that go live someplace else.  Our laws are good enough and based on the proper morals of any good religion.  Deal with it.

2 - fighting the radical Muslims. . .  We need DC to stop playing political games and admit we are now in a war footing with them.  Time to start wiping out ISIS wholesale with air strikes or whatever else is needed.  And time for other countries to step up and help.

3 - getting rid of anyone in our government that supports them in any way.  If you support radical Islam you are not fit to be in our government.  End of story.  They are terrorists and animals and should be treated that way.  If you can't bring yourself to say it and call it what it is you are unfit for any .gov post.

This is what we need to do.  A darkness is coming folks no matter what religion or not you follow.  Time to stand up and fight while we still have light to fight for.

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