Sunday, April 5, 2015

Job market still sucks

HERE is a great report on why.

Folks DC is having a great time lying to us on how well Obama has fixed the economy and how great it is doing. . . .

Problem is we didn't hit the numbers we should have in March, and they have now scaled down what we did in January and February but don't expect the media to tell you that either. . .

And to finish it off we have fewer people in the work force today.  . more folks have dropped out than ever before.  What that means is folks have given up and know they can't find a job so have given up looking.  This makes things better for DC since they don't count these folks so it makes unemployment look better than it really is. . . U-6 unemployment (which counts those who have given up looking for work as well as those who are underemployed) is 10.9 percent.

More lies to make us think Obama has done something right and yet again it is shown for what it is. .  .. smoke and mirrors folks.

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