Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gun Billboard Win

Looks like the folks here in MA have had enough of the gun grabber lies and bull . . . .

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Rosenthal the gun grabber and anti rights piece of crap lost his billboard on the Mass Pike so he talked a number of folks into giving him free billboards to promote "gun safety" when he really meant to say let me push anti civil rights crap. . .

Folks pushed back with emails, calls and posts and he has already lost the backing on his free billboards from the two main backers.  The others are holding on for now but the pressure is up.

The gun grabbers blame the NRA for bullying them when in reality GOAL the MA gun rights group put the word out and REAL grass roots kicked in and pushed back.

We won a big battle but need to keep pushing them to pull the rest.

Even here in MA gun control is dead . . . they just don't want to see that.

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