Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore is Burning.

We the progressives really did it this time. . . .

Instead of cracking down at the start when they had some control of the city they had to "give the rioters room for their first amendment rights and room to destroy things"

Then they lost it.

The animals are now in charge there and the citizens are disarmed so can do nothing about it.

Folks there is no good end to this mess.  Folks will die, the cops and National Guard will be thrown at the animals and will have to kill some before they take back the city.

The Mayor should be removed from office right now!  She has shown she cannot deal with this or make the hard calls to save this city.

It is all but over for them.  Baltimore is burning and they are looting for all they can.

None of this crap has anything to do with the dead black man that they talk about.  That was just the excuse they used to start the fight.  Now it is all about taking all they can, running free like animals and doing as much damage as they can.  None of this has anything to do with civil rights or the cops - This is about thugs running the city and doing whatever they want.
I hope the liberals are proud of their creation.  It has come back to roost.  God help the good citizens that are trapped there.

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