Thursday, November 19, 2015

No More Refugees. . . .

I for one am getting sick of hearing about how we should be letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into our country. . . . for a number of reasons.
  • Let’s look at the data from Europe.  So far after a number of attacks, some successful some not it looks like a number of the terrorists came into the country as refugees.
  •  Explain to me why no Middle Eastern countries will take them?  They have the room and it would be much easier due to culture and location.
  • Look at the images of who they are . . . where are the women and children?  Most are men of military age in good shape. . . this is an invasion not refugees folks
  • How do we vet them?  You cannot get reliable access to any way to show who they are – they are coming from a failed state and how can we trust any records they give us?

Then please tell me what we will do with them?  The UN admits that due to lack of documentation and such it takes most refugees it places 15-20 years to recover.  They have no proof of education or training so we are talking 10,000 folks that will be starting at minimum wage jobs with no proof they have a degree or training or whatever to get a better job.  They are starting from scratch and we would be footing the bill with money we don’t have.

Where will the money come to house them?  We are told we cannot help our own homeless and poor due to lack of funds. . . . yet we have money to pay for them?????  Our elderly can’t get a raise in Social Security (that they paid into) and we have cash for refugees????

I don’t want to see ANY new refugees in our country folks.  We need to fix a few things for our own citizens first:
  •  Get unemployment under control (not just cook the books in DC)
  •  We need to fix our health care system and get rid of the costly Obamacare
  •  We need to deal with our own homeless
  • We need to deal with our vet who need jobs and homes also
  • We need to fix our roads and infrastructure

We have too many critical things to spend out tax dollar now . . . more things than we have tax dollars to spend. . . . We DO NOT have the money for refugees from anywhere.

Go ahead and call me racist if you want.  I am not picking who can come in based on anything – I don’t want any of them until we fix things – I don’t care where they come from.

And yes, I think we should put a hold on work visas too.  We have plenty of folks at all levels looking for work we don’t need to bring in non-citizens to compete for the jobs.

It is past time we put our own citizens first.

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