Sunday, November 29, 2015

Colorado Shooting

OK, it is sickening to see the anti gun folks at work here immediately blaming guns and the GOP for this one along with everything conservative.

A shame that once again the facts don't fit again.

This guy had issues and a small criminal record
the attack on Planned Parenthood was an accident of location - he is not pro life or against Planed Parenthood.  So far it looks like he may have tried to rob a bank or such down the road and ran off to hide from the cops and their number was up.
He listed himself as a SHE on official paperwork.

So can we stop the BS blame game and admit again that a nut case did something and folks got killed.  This has NOTHING to do with the 80+ million legal gun owners in the USA or the NRA or anything to do with our Second Amendment.

Maybe we can wait for the facts to come out since they have him. . .  but I am sure that won't work for the gun grabbers because I highly doubt it will fit into their story. . . .

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