Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shooting in CA

Now for the spin. . . . .

Facts so far:

  • two folks named of middle eastern decent - at least by names reported
  • one did work there and was at the party
  • three folks involved - two men one woman
  • Well planned out - multiple guns, lots of ammo, possible armor used, pipe bombs
  • guns legally purchased in CA
  • pipe bombs used but did not go off (update looks like they had 12)
  • Only got 2 miles in a few hours before standoff with cops (hours later. . .)
  • Cops got lucky and were doing training only a few miles away so had quicker than normal response time
  • Still waiting on the religion of the attackers - it was a Christmass party for what that is worth
My personal take away from all this:

I won't name them or give them fame. . . .

They will spin it as work place violence because one of them left the party before coming back shooting and will totally ignore the planning involved with the number of folks, guns and bombs and that they did escape for a while. . . . I think they were thinking they had a better chance to kill more cops on the road than in the building which they wanted to blow up anyway.  They literally had hours to get away or change cars and didn't.  They wanted to be caught.

This all happened with guns purchased legally in CA which has some of the harshest gun laws in the country.  And not one of them prevented this or the attackers from making BOMBS!

Obama will now scream for more gun control like in CA and ignore the fact that it totally failed here and does not work.  Folks they want the guns so they have control it has nothing to do with crime or safety. . .

This was a real terror attack but they will be slow to admit it if they even do ever admit it.  This was thought out and well run. . . this was not someone that got pissed off at the party and came back to shoot up the place.  You don't just pick up pipe bombs at 7-11. . .

Now for the news folks and the Obama crowd. . . how do they spin this to keep the sheep from panicking?  They will want more gun control and more folks disarmed.  They want the sheep to ignore the fact that nothing they offer works and it was just show to everyone that gun control is a failure.

If you really want to end this crap then it is time to end gun control, end gun free zones, and let folks who want to carry responsibly do so.   

No I am not calling for everyone to have a gun.
No I am not calling for folks to be forced to buy a gun

What I am saying is if you let folks who want to carry a gun do so we will all be safer.  You will do two things 
  1. the bad guys won't know who is armed but will know most likely someone is
  2. the chances are a good guy will be close when there is an attack and can stop it or at least slow them down until help can get there. - armed everyday citizens are the militia our founders talk about . . . .
Right now these attacks have always been in gun free zones.  That is not by luck folks.  They want to rack up a body count before getting killed or now escaping to safety.  The best way to do that is to attack unarmed folks so you have time until the cops get there.  Why won't any of the gun grabbers admit this fact? - easy it destroys their arguments and they know it.

It is time we each asked ourselves a few questions:
  • Will you get a gun?  
  • Are you willing to learn the laws on using it? 
  • Are you willing to use it?
  • Are you going to wake up to the lies of the Media and Gun Grabbers?

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