Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gun Control Insanity

Folks lets face it gun control don't work.

Be it Sen. Feinstein telling us little people that the shooter will give up when they see we are unarmed or the idiot Obama telling us that the terrorist will not attack if we pass more gun control all they are doing is showing how either stupid or corrupt they are.

Folks no one had guns in all those schools and other gun free zones that all these mass murders take place in. . . . Paris was a gun free zone with plenty of gun control - terrorist seemed ok with shooting it up anyway.

California was both a gun free zone and had lots of gun control in place yet we still had the shooting yesterday with 14 dead and 21 wounded. . . .

Gun control is a failure.  You want to fix this get rid of all of the damn gun control BS.

To put it simply - Gun control is like the captain of the Titanic deciding he can save the boat by hitting the iceberg again. . . . .

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