Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Muslim Ban. . .

I find this hugely amusing that folks are flipping out over a common sense move during a war - YES A WAR.

At this point the FBI admits that the terrorists who attacked in CA were radicals, and the wife was a radial before she passed the screening and was let into our country.  And they MISSED IT.

So we know our screening does not work. . . .

Why would we keep letting in high risk people until we have it fixed????

What Trump is calling for is a ban on Muslim immigration until we fix the system to screen them and this will keep us safe. .  . Just like Jimmy Carter banned Iranians during the hostage crisis with Iran. . . SAME THING!!

Folks we need to start facing some hard facts here and the left is not going to like it.  Their little world is crashing and they are not dealing well with it. . .

  • Immigration screening is not working
  • The terrorists were not even on the FBI radar
  • Gun free zones and gun control is being exploited by terrorists to attack us
  • CA has the harshest gun laws around including one hell of an assault weapon ban and it DID NOTHING !
  • The best way to keep us safe is to get rid of gun free zones and gun control
  • Gun sales have been breaking records for years yet homicides have dropped 49% from their record high IN 1993
  • The cops do not get to these shootings until someone calls them. . . The first responders to an attack are the folks being attack. . . the cops are second.
And what do the gun grabbers want to do in the face of these facts?  Take the guns from law abiding citizens who only want to protect themselves.

Obama(and some in MA) want to strip folks of their right to bear arms if you are on the no fly list. . . You know that great secret list that they can put anyone on without any trial or due process?  That list that has kids, babies, and even had Congressmen and other pols on it. . . like Sen Ted Kennedy from MA.  So if we know the list is full of innocent people and we won't tell them they are on it, how to get off it why would any American want to use it to take one's rights?  What happened to our day in court?  what happened to due process????

We are told not to judge all Muslims by the terrorists but it is OK to judge all legal gun owners by them?  No folks it's not.  Let your reps know you are sick of the BS and to stop pushing for more meaningless gun control.  You want safety not lies.

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