Friday, December 4, 2015

Is Gun Control Finally Dead?

So now that dust is starting to settle where do you think we are on gun control?

The news is now pushing for it but personally I think it is now dead for the foreseeable future. . .

I have been watching the news articles calling for gun control and the overwhelming feedback has been very pro gun and anti-gun control in the comments section.  Sure you get the tired old liberal talking points from a few folks but the overwhelming majority are pro gun and not buying the BS of the gun grabbers.  Even on the web sites of the Boston MA news papers and on CNN (when they permit comments).

News story I am watching now has one person they asked telling them that gun control does not work. . . . even the news is starting to ask that question.

They just voted down using the terror watch list to prevent folks from buying a gun - YESTERDAY.  Had that passed just being on the terror watch list would strip you of your rights to buy a gun with no due process for you to defend yourself.  Think about that - they could have taking your basic right to self defense for no reason beyond they put you on a list.  No trial, no judge, nothing. . . Can you imagine the screaming if folks were told they would be striped of their right to vote or to free speech if they were on the secret list and without due process?
Gun control is not only not gaining any traction with this latest shooting but folks seem to be waking up to the fact that it is making them less safe as criminals do not follow the laws.  Gun sales on Black Friday were at a record - one description was that enough guns were sold to equip the US Marine Corp and two Army division. . . in ONE DAY.  After the events of last week I expect sales to stay strong.

We need to act now to keep this going and help people wake up.  Answer their gun questions, help them learn to shoot and pick out a first gun, get them to realize that the cops get there after the shooting and they alone are responsible for their own safety.

I think we are at a major tipping point.  We may have already gone over the edge from what I am reading on line.  The calls for gun control now sound silly and more and more folks ares seeing it as a joke when they look at the terror attack.  Obama is looking like Baghdad Bob as he calls for more gun control to protect us and says the terror attack was work related.  No one is buying it any more.  Calling for gun control now is like the Titanic trying to save itself by hitting the iceberg again and folks can see it.

I think we have rounded the bend but it is still on us to win or lose this.  Gun control is dying and we need to keep up the pressure.  If we want to save ourselves and our families from this violence we need to make sure we keep our right to defend ourselves and our communities from evil.

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