Saturday, December 12, 2015

No Fly LIst

The next move by the Anti Rights crowd seems to be to attack at the state level and use the No Fly List to deny you your rights.

So far Conn and Mass are looking to use it to deny gun permits and I am sure other states are watching the outcome.  You want to see if you are on it?  Go take a look.

Folks the Do Not Fly list needs to go.
  • There are up to 40% innocent folks on this list. 
  • Children and babies are on this list
  • State and Federal reps are on this list (Sen Kennedy was on it)
  • Folks who's names are close to someone they want are on the list
There is NO due process with this list.  Folks are not reviewed by a court or anyone elected before being added to the list.  Very little is know about how you get put on, (here are some ideas on how you get on it) how they make sure you should be on it, and how innocent folks can get off.  Folks have been put on this list for being part of protests . . . imagine that, you lose your rights for speaking out. . . 

This should disgust every American that we have hit the point where secret lists will strip people of a Constitutional right without due process.  

And once they get you to accept this for one right what will come next in their push for power?  No voting for folks on the list?  Free speech or your employment?  What will stop them from putting politically rivals on this list or political groups they don't like such as the Move On or Tea Party folks?

Folks the No Fly List was a bad idea that did not work and was never meant to be used to do things like this.  Time to get rid of it.

If they have enough info to say you should not have a right then they should be able to go to a judge to prove you should be stripped of your right. 

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