Sunday, December 6, 2015

Terror Attack

Now it is official.  The FBI is calling it a terror attack as one of the attackers has pledged allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

Did one radicalize the other?  Maybe.  Honestly I don't care as either way they attacked and innocent Americans were killed.  No one the knew them claimed to know a thing.  Not sure I am buying that either but I might.

Now as far as the guns and ammo I can see that this may not raise a flag.  As much as the media likes to play that they had SO MUCH AMMO AND SO MANY GUNS it just is not a big deal.  Many folks in the US have multiple guns and a few thousand rounds of ammo is nothing.  Even in MA as long as you have less than 5000 rounds of .22 and less than 5000 rounds of center fire ammo you are within the law.  Add to this the recent shortage of ammo and if you are a serious shooter or pro shooter this is not much ammo to have on hand.  Now the pipe bombs is something else. . . . It sounds like they had a bit of a production line set up.  Could you hide this from folks?  Not sure.  I guess you might if you had no surprise visits from the family. . . .

Now our useless POTUS Obama will get on the TV tonight to discuss it.  Personally I am betting that he will lie to us and push that this was not a terror attack but something else like workplace violence.  More crape because he won't admit we have been attacked.  It just does not fit his world view or his needs right now.

And today we lean that there was another attack, this time with a machete and knives in London UK.  He was captured and witnesses say he was calling out "this is for Syria" as they took him away.

We are now at war and have been for a while with RADICAL Islam.  . . . . . . we need to fact that fact but we also need to be very careful what we do next.  If we start attacking anyone who follows Islam we are no better than the terrorists.  We need to act based on facts not feelings or hunches.  We are Americans, we need to act like it.

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