Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama Speech

Well got about what I expected. . .

Lots of pull together, this was not terrorism, and push for gun control.

On the bad side it was basically more of the same crap that won't work and we know it.  Also talking about more attacks on ISIS and we know he does not have the heart to really do anything to them.

I love how he wants to cut off their money. . . Dude they have their own oil wells . . . this should be interesting.

As for gun control he called for nothing unexpected. . .
He wants to use the no fly list to prevent folks from buying guns - already voted down in the Senate and the list itself is being challenged in court as unconstitutional
Wants a new assault weapons ban - we all know that is not going to happen since the just voted down two gun control measures AFTER the shooting so basically nothing will change on that front.

So lots of talk and fancy words out of Obama and I must admit some nice ideas.  Too bad I have NO faith in him to actually do any of the stuff that may work, and most of the stuff that won't.

Obama is way out of his league, has been for a long time now.  It is time we impeach him and put someone in place that can actually do something and wants to win.

It is also time we get involved.  Make sure you write your rep and let them know you don't want things like the No Fly list that have no oversight or due process used to strip folks of their rights.  Let them know that you want your Second Amendment rights since the cops can't be everywhere and we need to protect ourselves.  Let them know we don't want more refugees let in until they can tell us how the last terrorist got through their screening.

Speak up folks, if you see or hear something don't act like the neighbors of the CA terrorists, say something!

We need to stick together, stand together, and watch each others backs.  We are Americans, time to start acting like it and win this.

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BCKing said...

Yeah, he just parroted the usual liberoid shitspeak. Orwell referred to it as being a duckspeaker - one who mindlessly quacks out words. By Orwell's definition Obama is a DoublePlusGood Duckspeaker.