Wednesday, January 14, 2015

French Terror Attack

This is a mess.

I hate to say this but we are rapidly heading into a war between Islam and the rest of us.  If you don't think so then I feel sorry for you - look at the facts:

This last attack was trained folks, not home grown armatures
The Muslim world does not speak up much against these attacks
Some even try to justify them. . . .
Radical Islam is getting bolder and bolder in attacking free people
They want us to all live under their version of Islam
They won't take NO for an answer,
Look at France, ISIS, Africa. . .  this cancer is spreading

Folks we are quickly getting to the point where the Radical Islam folks will be able to hit us any where they want and our own leaders are all talk no action.  It costs the Radicals nothing to do these attacks, they get all the press they want, they get to kill us, and they get martyrdom and we do nothing to hit back.

Until we can make this hurt enough that there own people start to question the value of the attacks we will keep seeing this over and over around the world.

It is also interesting in a sad way that folks IGNORE all the gun laws and restrictions in France that made this possible.  No citizen had a chance on this one - they are disarmed sheep waiting for the Radicals to kill them.  Even the cops are not armed all the time in France and look how that played out, they were running for their lives and lost.

This whole thing makes me sick, and makes me think another war is coming, one of us vs Islam to finally fix this issue.  They don't want peace and if we continue to sit back they will kill again and again. . . .

Time for Muslims to wake up and stop this crap- they are the only ones who can stop these Radicals with minimum blood shed- the alternative is they will be seen as supporting the Radicals, and the lines will be drawn. . . .

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