Friday, March 27, 2015

Why I hate Cars

What a racket. . .

Lost the key to my wife's new Toyota. . . one of the fancy ones you don't put the key in to start. . . just push the button kind. . .

And now we can't find the spare so the dealer tells us to get us new keys they need to tow the car there and reprogram it and the keys . . . $650 or so to do.

You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME!

Give me back the days of a simple key you cut at the hardware store to make the car work.

What a F'ing joke this is. .  ..

Update. still can't find the keys at home. . . and it looks like the overall cost to get this fixed on Monday will be just short of $1K. . . . yes, $1000 for new keys.

This is a major screw up on my part but also on the part of every engineer that looked at this and said "No problem, folks won't lose the keys so we don't need an easy way to make new ones. . . ."

A sad day for engineering.


Anonymous said...

Our new to us 2007 PT Cruiser only came with one key. Been making due since we bought in Nov. of last year.

Stopped at a hardware store to pick up other items and figured to remedy that issue. Asked for a spare -- my jaw dropped when he said "$70".

I didn't want a new lock, just the key. Sorry bub, the Cruiser has a RFID element that has to be present for the car to start. A door only key cost $2.99.

It's a racket

Teri Dalco said...

um, $300 per key plus 330 programming labor (that will cover up to 2 keys if we want) plus tax and tow.