Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is Hillary Unstoppable?

Seems the news media thinks so and wants us to buy it. . . .

Love how the "unbiased" news folks who are ignoring Hillary's illegal activity as Secretary of State are pushing polls that show she is way out in front of everyone. . . .

I would love to see who they are talking to.  I don't see how she can win with all the baggage and the fact the voters seem to want someone new. . . No more Bush and no more Clinton.

Folks we have been there and done that and it didn't work.  Time to get new blood in DC, someone who will do the job and follow the Constitution and protect our rights. . .  Not Christie from NJ or most of the others running.

We need to fix things and protect our rights.  Hillary who is hiding emails, screwed up Bengazi in Libya and so many other things sure is not the right person.

We have a country to rebuild, and a reputation along with our military strength against enemies like ISIS and the like.  Again no Dem is going to do that.

Time for some TEA I think. . . .

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