Saturday, March 14, 2015

Constitutional Carry spreading

The more I watch the news the more I can see gun control is really dead.  It is in it's death throws and we will need to make sure they don't get anything passed on the way down, but it is dead - they just won't admit it yet.

Look at what is happening around our country.  Most states are lessening the gun control they have.

Now EVERY state has concealed carry.

But what gives me the most hope is Constitutional Carry and School Carry.  Just like Concealed Carry both of these have started with one or two states but are slowly spreading.  Folks see it, they see the lies that gun control freaks have pushed are lies.  .  .  crime is not going up, but goes down.  No gun fights in the streets and no problems from more freedom now that is a win.

I think we are seeing the same thing all over.  We need to stay active and keep pushing but eventually I can see this sweeping our country.  Eventually most states will have this freedom I think some day all will be forced to admit it and give back the rights they have taken from us.

But to get there we will need to keep fighting for all states, not just our own.  We need to keep DC from passing any new anti-gun laws, and we need to keep pushing on our own states to prevent more bull shit laws from passing.  CA, NY, NJ, CT will be the longest fights I think, with my home of MA right behind them but we won big last year stopping a big anti gun law from passing "for the kids" I think we can do it again.

Keep it up folks, we are winning this but if we get complacent and think it is over they will be back.  Don't let up until gun control is where it should be  - the distant dust bin of history. . . .

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