Monday, May 4, 2015

Shooting in Texas

I have to admit this is an interesting one.

They held an event to draw cartoons of Mohamed, and you know how that sets off the radicals. . .

Well anyway was it in poor taste, sure, but folks this is America and we have rights here.  You have the right to say and do things in poor taste - we call it freedom of speech and the First Amendment.

But after hearing what happened I have to say a few thoughts ran through my head:

  • Really?  you idiots showed up in Texas and tried a drive by?
  • Isn't it illegal to bait your prey when hunting?
  • Wow those idiots walked right into that ambush. . .
I love the fact that both attackers are dead, and the only defender hurt was a minor injury being shot in the foot.

I also love Texas.  They evacuate the people for a bomb threat and they start singing patriotic songs.  LOVE TEXAS!

We need more of this in our country.  Folks that push for their rights, and will defend them.  Folks that will sing patriotic songs in the face of danger and tell these terrorists to go screw we won't stop because of you.

It is said at least one of the attackers was tied some way to ISIS.  Not a direct member but a supporter.  

Folks this is only the start.  We need to make sure the next attack is met as well, and the one after that . . . and after that.  They need to learn we will not give an inch, we will not break, and we will win.

Time to be American again!

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