Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Florida Shooting

This whole thing is turning into a mess and a great way for the left to push the race card yet again. . .

The only real facts we have so far:

There was a 911 call
A boy was shot and killed
All of this is under investigations at multiple state and Fed levels. . .

What the news is pushing - white guy shot black guy with no provocation and the law protects him. . . ( if it does then why is he under investigation???)
Also not discussed is the shooter is Hispanic and also a dark skin color (as if that matters) but white shoots black sounds better don't it?

This whole thing disgusts me and shows what is wrong with our media and the anti-gun crowed.  The media is going nuts stirring up this thing so they can get a good news story.  Hey, if a shooting is good, a riot would be great!  And the Anti-Rights folks are lying and telling everyone that the shooter will go free because of the self defense laws. . . not likely at least not until he has been probed so much he won't need a colonoscopy for a few years.  He is far from off the hook in all this.  I expect he will do some time or at least see inside a court.

Add in that they are pushing the race card.  I am sorry, someone was killed and there needs to be a complete investigation of the incident no matter who got killed.  The law is not protecting this guy, he still may face charges over this folks.  And now the national race baiters like Al Sharpton are getting in on it.  Can't have the news cover this and not get their face on the small screen somehow. . . The facts are quickly becoming irrelevant to the news folks and many of the race card fans.  This can be fanned into a mess that gets TV time and to hell with the facts.

Folks don't fall for this crap.  We all need to take a step back and let the investigation and courts do their job.  I was not there and I bet you weren't either.  So how we can say what  happened without knowing the facts is beyond me.  The News Media is in this for the shock value, they won't give you the facts either, only what plays good at 6 and 11. . . . Did you know the shooter was a dark Hispanic man?  I didn't until yesterday. . . again, not good for the story so they don't report it.

This is going to get messy, and it is all the media's fault for fanning the flames for their ratings instead of reporting the facts and sticking to what is known so far.

No wonder we can't get past race . . . it's not good for the news cycle. . . .

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