Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama on FLA shooting

This really pisses me off. . .

You can read about it HERE or HERE

Please tell my why Obama is getting involved in this?  Who cares if his kid would look like the dead kid?  How does what he looks like factor into whether this was a self defense shooting or a murder???? IT DOESN'T!  If we truly are a nation of laws your looks, color, race or whatever should not factor into a situation like this from a legal point of view folks.  If it does then you are a racist.

Once again I will say it - WE DON'T HAVE ALL THE FACTS. . . . yet Obama will weigh in on things he knows nothing about.

Folks there is a reason this guy is still walking around.   The cops don't think they have enough to arrest him. . . so the facts look like self defense no matter how much you like or don't like that fact.  The investigation is ongoing. . .

Weer'd has a good wrap up of what has been released so far for facts HERE

It is time for the news media to stop, the only thing Obama should have done is called for calm while the investigation goes forward and that is it.

This is quickly turning into a race issue and a way for the gun grabbers to play on emotion instead of fact and spread their lies on the FL Stand Your Ground law. This law does not let you kill anyone you want, does not let you execute people.  It allows self defense and you will be investigated.  If it is found it was not self defense then you go to trial and probably jail.

This use to be a land of law, but not any more.  This man and his family are in hiding due to death threats.  It was wrong for him to kill the kid but it is ok to kill him?  You are telling me that it is bad to be a vigilante but you can be one to kill him and that is ok, it is different???  No, it is no different.  If the kid was murdered that does not make it OK for you to murder the shooter.  We have laws and courts for a reason why aren't the news folks and Obama reminding us of that????

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