Friday, March 23, 2012

Florida Shooting

This crap scares the shit out of me

The typical race baiters are down there stirring things up and pushing not for justice but for mob rule.  I am sorry this kid is dead.  I am sorry the gunman is still walking around free.  That is the LAW folks.  They call it due process.

Every telling of this story the facts change yet the media and Al Sharpton want this guy in jail, permits pulled and all that.  There is an ongoing investigation.  He probably will get arrested but we will see.  We don't know all the facts yet so many of us want to convict him already.  They keep pushing this as white on black violence when the shooter is a dark Hispanic.  They keep saying he had no reason to shoot, it was not self defense but the Police report says he had a bloody nose and back of he head when they got there. . . . We don't know all the facts yet.

Personally once Al Sharpton is on your side you have problems.  This guy has no need or use for facts if he can push the race card.  Look at the other cases he has been involved in. . ..

This is a tricky thing folks, you give up due process with him, what happens when it is your turn?  If you ever run afoul of the law will  you mind if we just try you in the press and toss you in jail?

Laws are not there to support what we like, they are there to make us do the right thing when we don't like it.  You don't have to like him possibly walking away from this but you do have to give him his due process and day in court.

As an example I will toss out OJ Simpson.  He looks guilty as hell of killing his wife.  Lost a civil suit over it.  But the courts let him off so he is free.  That is the law, the jury spoke, we live with it.  We can and will do it again.  Color of skin should not matter, you get your day in court.


Anonymous said...

From what I can see, this country always is not interested in the truth.White people still gets away with crimes and blacks will always get punished,gulity or not.It's o'kay that you never caught the real killer's of Nicole S. and Ron G. as long as we get rid of one more black man.I guess it does'nt matter that Nicole had skin under her finger nails(that was not from O.J), or that Ron G.had bruises on his hands from fighting his attackers,(yet ther were no bruises on O.J). The only way a woman being attacked would not scream,is because her mouth was coverd,and one person could not attack you,by swinging at you with a knife from the front of you and hold their hand over your mouth at the same time.

JD said...

The facts show it probably was OJ, but the Jury said no, done deal. And No, white folks do not get away with it and black folks do not always go to jail.