Saturday, March 31, 2012

Permit Renewal

Still waiting on my new permit. . .  been almost 2 months now and no news yet. . . . How anyone can say this is right is beyond me.  You should not need a permit to exercise a right. . . owning a gun should be no more difficult than voting folks. . . . . they are both recognized rights by our Constitution.

Update - not 20 min after I posted this I got a call from the local police, my permit is in and I now have it in hand. . . . Felt weird not having a current permit for the day, even if I was covered by the renewal.  . . .  I have had a permit to carry for over 20 years, feels weird without it. . . even for a day

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Adam said...

I agree wholeheartedly, just imagine if legislation was introduced that would require a permit, background check & numerous fees to exercise the right to speak your mind freely, with bans or limits on controversial words & phrases.

In order to own a blog you'd need to go through further checks and it would still be illegal in kommiefornia as well as new york.