Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin. . . more to it than we know

More news is coming out on the Florida shooting and it is not looking good for the kid.  Two stories to look at are HERE and HERE.   This is turning in to more than just the media using old photos to swing public thought on who this kid was. . . they may be covering up too. . . .

It is starting to look like Travon was trouble to start with. . .
He was on a 10 day suspension from school, they won't say why
He may have hit the school bus driver
He may have been dealing drugs
There may be one or two witnesses that report seeing him beating the shooter and smashing his head into the ground
911 tapes may show that Zimmerman stopped following when told to and was going back to his car when Trayvon came back to start the fight. . .

All this is still coming out which leads me to stand by my statement that we don't have all the facts yet.  Before we rush to convict this guy lets get the facts and let the grand jury do it's job.

They may just find it really was self defense folks. . . . . we will see

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