Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Marton

Folks am I the only one who is disgusted with how the news media is bitterly clinging to this story?

They are determined to paint Trayvon as a choir boy who was on his way home when Zimmerman jumped him and shot him in cold blood as he begged for his life. . . .

Sorry folks, that is what the news wants but that is not what happened.  We don't yet KNOW what happened. . . .

But don't let that stop you from stirring up the hate. . . case in point:

  • The news folks have inveneted the term White Hispanic so they can keep saying it was a white shooting a black
  • They keep posting old photos of both men, one that makes Treyvor look like he is 12 and one to make Zimmerman look evil
  • Witnesses put Trayvor on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the ground while Zimmerman called for help but the media says Trayvor was calling for help
  • New photos of Trayvor show him flashing gang signs
  • Trayvor's own twitter account show him as a violent person
  • Trayvor was on a 10 day suspension
    • he has been suspended for having stolen goods and burglar tools
    • he has been suspended for having drugs or remains of drugs on him
    • he may have been dealing pot
  • There have been a rash of burglaries in the area lately by black youth
  • The 911 tapes
    • show Zimmerman was not running
    • show Trayvor fled the area
    • show Zimmerman was talking to the cops and did what they asked
    • show Trayvor may have come back after fleeing to jump Zimmerman
  • Zimmerman did not call 911 40 time this year, it has been over 6 years as a neighborhood watch 
Now we have Congressman acting like thugs on the house floor and Schools in MA making Trayvor out as a hero and having days to Honor him. . . also pushing that he was murdered.  He was killed yes, we don't know yet if it was murder folks. . .  self defense is not murder sorry. . .

Add to that the Black Panthers putting out a bounty on Zimmerman, and Fools in Hollywood tweeting out Zimmermans address (ya, what good will come of that) and getting it wrong.  Now a retired couple has had to move out of their house due to fear.  

We have LAWS folks!  You don't throw away the law because it moves too slow or you disagree with the findings.  We are not a land of mob rule yet, but it looks like we are heading that way.  I would bet these folks calling for Zimmermans head would be calling for calm and a jury trial if it were them on the receiving end. . . love the double standard in play here.

All of this makes me sick.  We have a bunch of folks dancing in the blood to get news time and their face on TV when all we really know for sure is a kid is dead and they are still investigating.  If it turns out Zimmerman broke the law and murdered Trayvor then I hope they throw the book at him.  But if not, if Zimmerman is cleared then what?  He has been tried and sentenced in the media and so many of us buy right into it. . .  Has our country really fallen that far?


Anonymous said...

You are such a sad racist person! For the record he indeed is a white hispanic. Their are black hispanics as well. Hispanics are a group of people made up of other races! The fact is when you do a crime you must do the time! Fact the 911 operator told Zimmerman not to follow the young man and he failed to comply. Therefore he is guilty of causing Trayvon's death! He was told NOT TO FOLLOW HIM! If Trayvon was Tyler and George was a black man, no questions asked he'd be in jail!

JD said...

Ah yes, I have hit the big time, I have Anonymous folks calling me racist.

Listen to the tapes, he stops when told.

As for the rest all I want is justice based on facts, not mob rule like you seem to. The media is playing the race card on this one.

The tapes make it look like more of a defensive shoot, but I will wait on the grand jury before I set my mind to who was right or wrong on this.

You can not prove a crime yet, that is what the jury and courts are for, you would convict on hearsay in the news, that is what makes me sick.

Yes he killed him, but we don't know if he committed a crime, and I for one will wait for the Grand Jury to review ALL facts and rule.

Folks like you only make it worse with your bounty on his head, tweeting addresses (wrong one I may add) and whipping up folks when all the facts are not out yet.

We will see. . . .

JD said...

OH, and please, if you are going to call me on my post please show where I am racist and what facts I have wrong. . .

Anonymous said...

Well said!!!!! so sick of the hate crime crap!!!!! have you ever heard of a black man getting charged for a hate crime???????? nope nut there are men in jail now whit men that got jumped by black men,, and for defending themselfs they got charged for hate crime!!!! enough with the Guilty if your a white man and a black man kets the wrong end of the beating!!! we don't know the facts but now if he does get charged he wont get a fair trial ..the news will say he is guilty as sin... put nutball Nancy grace on it ant this guy will burn!!!!! where is the justice in that??