Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Phone to Break In

OK, just switched from an HTC Aria to a Motorola Atrix 2. . ..

Kinda forced to change since the Aria kept telling  me it was almost out of memory even though I had moved a all I could of the Apps to the SD card. . . .

So far so good.  Both run Android but HTC and Motorola have set things up a bit different.  I like the bigger screen and dual processors so far, and the extra memory is good too.  Even though the Atix is bigger, it is not much heaver so that has not been an issue yet.  I am waiting on an Otterbox for it, I need a good case and that will add a bit to size/weight on the phone.

More on this in a week or so after I get a good test drive in. . .

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