Sunday, April 1, 2012

Becoming a Fitness nut. . .

At work they have started us on a fitness kick.  Depending on what we do that is health and fitness related you get the company to pay into your health savings account. . . or cut you a check.

Anyway this has really got me moving.  So far I have dropped 5 pounds or so since January.

To make it worse, we now have pedometers to track our steps.  The more steps the more money you get in your HSA. . . and they have challenges to help you stay motivated.

Our latest challenge is to do 100,000 steps.  In three weeks, and the top 10 get extra bonus points.  So now those of us in the challenge are watching our ranking and trying to get into the top 10.  My department has turned this into a good natured contest to see who can do the most steps. . . you have never seen so many folks want to go down to the floor to help out and get a few more steps in the process.

It is fun, but now I am hooked. . . I have upped my time on the elliptical in the morning, and have started to walk at lunch and on the weekends to get more steps in.  Now if I can keep this up for two more weeks I may actually have a respectable ranking at the end of this challenge.

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