Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trayvon and the death of Justice

I know I said I was done with Trayvon but I can't sit quite while this is going on. . .

Trayvon is showing us how justice in this country is broken.  And not how you think.

As we sit here the news is talking about someone having shot up an empty police car in Zimmerman's neighborhood.  A mob of blacks attacked a white person and beat them shouting Trayvon. . . .
There is a $10000 or a Million dollar bounty on Zimmerman posted all over down in FLA.

Justice is dead folks.

We have a justice system that should be arresting multiple people for the attacks, for calling for Zimmerman's murder.  Heck, if you offered to pay someone to kill someone for you guess who goes to jail for attempted manslaughter at a minimum???

And Eric Holder has been called out by the Zimmerman family about his lack of action.  They say it is because he is black that he won't enforce the law to protect Zimmerman. . . I wish I could say they were wrong but I just don't know. . . .

I use to think blacks may be getting a bad deal by the justice system but no more.  I can now see clearly that they make noise not because the system is not fair, but because they don't get the results they want.  It has nothing to do with right or wrong or the facts of the case, it has everything to do with what they feel entitled to.  Give them what they feel they deserve and they are quiet - otherwise we get calls of racism and discrimination.  So what if he is a thief, he needed that big TV so let him go.  He needed the money so let him off the drug charges. . ..

No, folks the person who is not getting justice right now is Zimmerman.  And the mob is making sure he never will.

Guilty of murder or just self defense any and all people who respect our laws and Constitution should be calling out STOP!  We should be calling on our Government to stop fanning the flames (Obama's son my ass.  A real POTUS would be calling for calm and let the system work, not inciting more trouble) and to start arresting those who threaten violence outside the law.  The very people who say Zimmerman was nothing but a vigilante are now the ones who want that job for themselves so they can serve their own justice on Zimmerman.

People should be rallying around Zimmerman to protect him.  We should all be saying " if you want him you have to go through me!  Guilty of a crime or not he WILL get his day in court!"

Instead I fear this shows how far our country has fallen.  The DA won't hear the facts with a jury because they may let him go and she does not want to take credit for the riots so she will charge him.  The Jury will remember the threats to the Casy Anthony jury and will convict him no matter what because they don't want credit for the riots or threat to their own lives and families.

No, this is very bad, and shows we are failing.  Justice may be dead and replaced by mob rule.  A small minority of a minority group is holding us all hostage with threats of violence and Obama and our justice system are letting them win.

We the people are the ones who are losing in all of this. . . . that is the only thing I am sure of.

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