Saturday, August 17, 2013

So You Want to be a Gun Instructor. . . .

With the way things are going in this country I only see one way for us to stay free. . .  and that is to start winning back our Second Amendment rights.  The Second Amendment was put there to insure the people kept all of their rights, and if we lose that one the rest is toast folks. . . we are starting to win, but to truly win back our rights and our country, we need to get more people on board with our rights and this means we need to counter the propaganda and lies of the media and anti-gun folks.

I have been trying to do my part in this, and the logical next step for me is to go from informally teaching a few folks about guns and spreading the word as much as I can to going active in my teaching.  And by active I mean get my certs so I can teach and folks can get their permits. . . see I live in MA where the People's Republic requires you to jump through hoops to get a permit, and a training class is one of those hoops.

I am hoping that by getting my NRA cert I will be able to bring others into the gun world and introduce them safely to the fun of the shooting sports and self defense.  I have met many great folks through going to blogger shoots and just normal range trips.

Gunnies are great folks!  They tend to be very friendly, willing to share their guns and knowledge with others so all have a great time.

So next month I will be taking my first NRA class to get the basics and get certified to teach others.  I will then be helping as an assistant teacher at my club to learn from the more experienced teachers how to do this right. . .

I will also be helping to bring the next generation into the gun world as we set up a class for younger shooters at the club so they can learn to safely use a gun and have fun target shooting.

We will see how this all goes and I will be documenting it here on the Blog.  I hope I can get others to jump in and get their certs too.  The rights you save may be your own. . . . . .

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