Saturday, February 13, 2010

Support the Troops!

My daughter and I spent the morning down at the Masons Lodge putting together 70+ care packs for our troops.

The National Guard have a unit that is based right next to us. We get along well with them and they let us park in their lot during our meetings and they use our lot when needed. We usually do a breakfast for them before they deploy too when we can.

Anyway, so since they got shipped overseas a month or so ago we figured it was time that they got something from their friends at home. . . we put together care packs with a cigar, candy, some Kool Aid, baby wipes, nuts, dry soups, phone cards and other good stuff form them and sent them off. We also had letters from the kids in the local school to put in the packages for the guys.

We had a good time putting it together, and I hope the troops will enjoy it. Lets them know we are thinking of them! Good luck and come home safe folks!

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