Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Your City

I hate to say this folks but this may be the start. 

We now have bunches of kids who don't know shit protesting in the cities and trying to take over.  They demand foolish things they can't get like lifetime jobs, minimum wage of $20 an hour, all debt paid off. . .

And now that it is on, the unions are getting into it.  Once they get in like a tick you won't get them out.  I fear soon the union thugs will introduce violence to the protests then were will it go??? That is the questions isn't it?

In Boston the city and cops are not enforcing the laws and are letting them protest without permits, sleep overnight on the green way where it is prohibited. . . . it goes on.

We are quickly getting to the point were we are looking at some people being more equal than the rest of us.  They are now above the law.

If this keeps going this thing will go violent at some point, then the fun part is putting the genie back into the bottle. . .  if we can.  If we can't then the left and right will pick their sides and our next civil war will be on.  The USA rests in the balance. . . we will either be a republic or a communist country when it is over and our kids will have to deal with it. 

Don't even get me started as to what this will do to the world economy.  .  . . . .  going to be a hell of a ride folks.

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