Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Boston. . . .

And the debate and protests go on. . . .

Many cities still have occupy XYZ folks in their cities taking up space. I personally don’t get it. From all the reports I have seen on this we have two real groups here.

The first is the college kids who are blindly following the leaders and having fun playing 1960’s hippy all over again. They are calling for shit - $20 minimum wage, guaranteed work even though they aren’t qualified, forgiveness of all debit and the destruction of democracy (yes, that was what LA called for on Facebook). These kids are acting like what they are, spoiled products of the give me generations. They want it all handed to them, don’t you dare ask that they work for it or get their hands dirty, you owe them. . . . And their leaders want nothing less than the end to our way of life. Welcome to the new world comrade! Socialism is the way! These kids have fallen for it all the way. They have never worked a day in their lives that meant anything. Mom and Dad always bailed them out yet they think they are adults and are in control. . . . . how easily they are lead by the unions and leftists.

Then we have the second group. They want the government changed to be more responsive to the people instead of special interest. They want to get rid of government pay outs and offs to big business and Wall Street.

This second group makes sense in what they want. What doesn’t make sense about them is that there is already a group calling for the same thing that is well established and making progress –The Tea Party.

Why won’t they join the Tea Party and help us move this country back to the Constitution and rule of law?

And when will the cities like Boston wake up and treat everyone the same like our Constitution calls for? You see since they are lefties and the Mayor here is a socialist too they are letting these protests go on even though they have broken multiple laws. They have no permits, they are setting up camps and staying overnight where it is illegal to do so. . . . What do you think would happen if the Tea Party or any other group tried this. . . . Ya, mass arrests.

I think the best way to end this and bring us all back under the rule of law is for any group that had to pay for a protest permit in say the last year should sue Boston for their money back. They were not treated equally under the law. They should have been, lets fix that by making Boston pay them back. . . I bet that would get the Mayor’s attention – especially because it costs him $$$$.

We are all supposed to be equal under the law, that means you treat all groups the same no matter what Boston! We don’t care if you like them or not, we all have the same First Amendment rights and if you won’t enforce them equally we will make you!

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