Thursday, November 25, 2010

North Korea

Well according to CNN they are at it again. . . .

The North Koreans need a wall built around them that we can seal like any other nut house.  What is with those crazies?

I suspect that things have taken a turn for the worst in NK and now to distract the masses from the fool in charge they are going to try to start a war with the south. 

Where the HELL is China to reign in their nut case friend??? They should be all over this fool putting him back in line.

And remember we have a bunch of troops sitting over there that will be a speed bump should Dear Nutcase invade the south.  That and we will have a third war on our hands with Obama the Helpless in the White House.

Not a good way to start the Holiday Season.  Now we get to wait and see how this effects the world economy. . . . .

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