Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!

Go vote folks, vote out every socialist you can.  anyone incumbent must go!  Time to dump the Dems and the RINOs and start over.  Time to end tax and spend.  Time to close the borders.  Time to tell Obama we screwed up electing you and we will fix that now with real  hope and change. . . . . 

If you want America back for your kids then stand up now and vote them all out!  Obama and the gang hate us and our way of life.  He actually called us the enemy!!!  Time to tell him it is over, we want our country back!

Go show them you don't listen to their lies on the TV.  Keep your eyes out for the voter fraud that they will use to try to hold onto power and go VOTE!

And in Massachusetts, it is time to turn this state purple for a change. . . Vote out Barny and Deval and all their friends who have screwed us on every level.   TAX TAX TAX is all they do.  No more charge cards for the welfare set to buy TVs with, no more!  No more attacks on our rights!  Vote out Martha too and we can actually go after the corruption in the state house without her using the AG office to protect them. 

VOTE!  All our futures depend on it!

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