Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Foolishness goes on - Pat Downs for everyone!

The people are upset, and we saw it during the last election and it is still going on, see HERE

This is insane!  The TSA is past it's time and we should de-fund, and abolish it to save money.  Folks the TSA has done nothing to keep us safe that we had not already been doing before 9/11.  They still don't stop the bombers from getting on board, they still don't check the packages loaded in cargo. . . ..

When will we wake up and do something?  This feel good crap is going to get someone killed.  We have been lucky so far that the plans ok and the terrorists were screw ups and didn't work.  One of these days the plan will be good and the terrorist will do it right . . . . .

Obama loves it, it keeps us in our place.  Another screw up by Obama, there is a surprise for ya.  He wouldn't know a good way to keep us safe if it hit him in the head. .  . he is a fool and way out of his league.

The government is supposed to be by the people and for the people, not to grope and molest the people. 

Congress it is up to you!  You have been told what we want, now act on it and show us all you learned something from the last election PLEASE!

If we want safety in the air then go to Israel and learn how they do it.  Stop trying to be politically correct and use profiling - IT WORKS!  Show us you are really trying to keep us safe and stop the foolishness that is the TSA.

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