Monday, November 22, 2010

The Quest continues

Well I am still saving up for my next gun. .  . almost there I think. 

I am looking to get my hands on a 1911.  With a bit of luck it will be a basic government type gun.  I am not looking for anything special like stainless steal or anything.  I want it to look as government issue as I can get.

It will also mean I have the basic calibers that I have been looking for.  I already have a .380 and a 9mm, this would get me a .45.  That will leave me with just an auto loading .22 that I am missing.  May just get a conversion kit for the 1911 when I can get it.  They still don't make one for the M&P 9mm which I wish they would.  If I am going to practice with a gun it would be nice to be a carry piece and not a separate .22.

Well anyway, I hope to have a new piece in a few months with a bit of luck. . . . .

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