Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Screening

I have to put in my two cents on the new TSA security game. . .  Folks, none of this stuff is doing a thing but making you FEEL safe.

As was mentioned on another blog, what do we do when they start using body cavities to store the explosives?  This search will not find it and we will lose a plane.  So what then?  Are we all going to get a free body cavity search with every flight?  Will we put up with it?

Folks, we are only marginally safer flying now than we were on 9/10/01.  The idea of arming pilots and reinforcing the cockpit door are great and work.  The rest is all for show.

We will not be safe until:

1 – We admit we are at war and act like it

2 – We learn from countries like Israel and use their procedures – and PROFILE

3 – Every able bodied person takes responsibility for their own safety

For number 3 I am not saying we let everyone on a plane have a gun.  But I do mean that if you are fit enough then you should know how to handle yourself in a fight.  Even if it is only the basics.  9/11 worked because most of the people had been trained to give in and no one gets hurt. . . . those days are over.  We need to know how to fight, and how to win.  A handful of attackers cannot win against a plane full of determined defenders.

And what comes next in the Security Theater?  I use myself as an example, sure, you have take away my "weapons" but I still have hands and feet and many years of martial arts training in multiple styles.  I am by no means disarmed.  When will I be deemed a threat by the powers that be and not allowed on a plane?  How will you know if you can let me on or not???

This whole thing is a no win game for us.  The Terrorists have won by making it impossible for us to travel, and costing us billions for no gain.  This is how we bankrupted the USSR folks with an arms race they could not win. . . . now the cave dwelling terrorists are bringing us down the same way.

It is time to wake up and admit that most of the money we throw at this is a waste and stop it.  Pay for better training in screening people and I mean PROFILING for trouble.  Also take some of the money you save on the BS and put more Air Marshals on the planes.  That will make us safer.  Then we can start looking at how to screen that luggage in the belly of the plane.  They tried to hit us there once and luck stopped them. . . they will try again

Most of all we need to admit life is only as safe as we can make it for ourselves.  We can't rely on others to keep us safe, and we are never 100% safe, it just won't ever be 100% - get over it.

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